Recon mode is an absolute shitshow for me

Fresh accounts with < 2k games, <40% winrate and around 400 wn8 playing top tier premium tanks and doing absolute nothing, my entire team being almost exclusively such players or other red lowbobs, arty players just pressing forward into open field and dying instantly, no-stats players (as in no stats on the team composition screen) doing nothing but sitting in a corner for the entire game (regardless if we are losing or winning)

In the end I just finished the batch of 50 games and while it’s not tracked, I’m pretty sure I have maybe at best 30% win rate. Which is just fucking painful while I’m roughly consistently being at least top 5 most of the time (except when I played wz-111-1 ft, fuck this trash td)

I’m just tired, this has to be the worst experience I’ve ever had in this game, either the matchmaker is simply 100% broken in this game mode or the game just gave me a big fat “Fuck you” as I’m not even able to use my 5 daily x5 from free premium because I cant even get 5 wins daily in this mode

Does anyone else had absolute trash experience in this mode ? And I’m, not reffering to the mode itself (as in the included map events), just to the team compositions and matchmaker

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