Recruitment EU

Everyone will get chances to play due to us having two teams.


Clan Portal URL:

About us: Currently in top 50 (Top 20 this week!) in Season 18 and looking for more players

XFINITY Is A International Clan (comms in English) We Have a Experienced Team Of Field Commanders & Players Who Are Willing To Help You Improve Whether You Meet The Requirements Below Or Not Reach Out To Us!!!

NOTABLE ACHIEVEMENTS: Currently in top 50 in GM Season 18 ** **(Top 20 this week!)

Renaissance Campaign: 25 Reward Tanks Thunderstorm Campaign: 19 Reward Tanks

Requirements: (the more met the better) Active SH, CW & Advances 1400+ WN8 Overall 2000+ WN8 Past 30 Days T10 Meta Vehicles (T95/FV4201, Obj. 279e, Obj. 907/140, Vz.55, Obj. 277, Leo 1) T8 Meta Vehicles

Diplomacy: GET IN TOUCH: Discord : discord gg/9fcqUPx4KE (message in #recruitment-room)

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