Refferal program – tank picking

Guys, I’m about to complete my refferal program as a recruit. I checked premium tanks I can get from that and tbh can’t decide which is better for earning credits. Options are:

T 34-85M – probably best VI tier premium tank, absolute beast and all that

VK 45.03 – tier VII HT, no armor but with a decent gun

I already have Pz T 25 and I really don’t want another medium tank. New accout is a 100% F2P so I’m looking for a good credit maker. VI tiers earn less than VII so that’s the main point of having VK over T 34-85M. I consider myself an OK player (1600 wn8) so skill is not an issue here.

Is VK at least playable? Can you make a decent profit from playing it? Vote and let me know your opinions.

GG and report arty

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