Reminder to not support iyouxin

If you’re watching World of Tanks scene on Twitch you probably noticed that iyouxin is back and he’s again trying to sell his “I was depressed, that’s why I was gone for 3 months for the n-th time” to gather more money. People ask him what he was up to and his response is “nothing, being depressed”. Meanwhile you can check his IG and he was doing every single thing that really depressed person wouldn’t find energy to, parachuting with UPA supporters included. The sheer audacity that dude has to repeat this cycle and excuse himself with “depression because of war”. HE WAS DOING IT WAY BACK BEFORE THE WAR STARTED – he reappears with some fishy charity event, collects the money, disappears, money’s gone, reappears. Trying to doubt his narrative on his stream ends in awkward silence, he’s not even trying to deny it.

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