Replay Analysis – Please send me your replays!

Hi all,

I would like to collect as many replays as possible so I may run an analysis on them. I’ll be focusing on the tier spread each game (-2,-1,=,-1/+1,+1,+2), but will also look at other statistics.

I am using a replay parser (many thanks to u/JoshYx [RE: comment]!) and currently have just over 15,000 replays, but would like this to be much larger.

If you have 10, 1000, or 10000 replays and wouldn’t mind zipping them up and throwing them somewhere like Google Drive or Dropbox and sharing the link with me via this Google form, that would be great thank you! (I have upload to Google Drive on the form, but can only handle 15GB at a time).

Usernames will remain anonymous in the results, which will be published over at my WoT Blog – I’ll also share a follow-up here on Reddit.


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