[Replays/examples attached] Trying to improve, need advice?

Hey everyone! I have about 4.4k matches so I am still a noob, but I am trying to improve!

I am going to use two matches today in the Skoda T-56 as an example. I have been playing the Skoda T-56, and I feel like I am always playing it wrong. Almost every time I play it, someone yells at me or tells me to uninstall lol. I attached two games here as examples:



I had the second highest damage on this one, but still got a few choice words. I am not sure what I could have done differently?



I had the highest damage on the team for this one, but two people were not happy with me… I reached out to them and got some feedback after:

Too slow, should react faster as that would have helped them take the castle Shouldn’t have tried to help the CS-52 at the end of the match, fall back to the bushes


I feel like I don’t aim fast enough, I spend too much time aiming to make sure I hit a weakspot If the match goes bad and one side of the map is losing badly, I just don’t know what to do and start making a lot of mistakes I am very hit or miss, I either die very quickly without doing much, or I last for most of the game and do well… not very consistent

I would appreciate any advice from you all, I have been watching a few channels such quickybaby and skill4ltu and improved a bit, but I still keep making mistakes!

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