Report system and Anthony Curtis bot


i’ve submitted today a report ticket related to bot usage in game. To be honest i understand that WG employees must be flooded with that kind of messages but i actually had a proof.

I’ve sent to wargaming support a screenshot of my ex-clanmate admitting in discord chat that he is using bot to grind through marathon.

The ticket was written in Polish language and yet i’ve got response from Anthony Curtis which made me think. What are the chances he would learn such niche language? So i’ve searched through internet and according to what i found in the forums – Anthony Curtis is a bot. The response was “not every afk player is doing it on purpose (and so on blah blah blah) our automated system bans bot users in real time blah blah” and guess what – it was obviously written in Polish language.

Not gonna lie, that made me sad.

Anyway – that “friend” of mine is still online, still not responding to any messages and still almost permamently in game.

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