Reset skills for BIA

This may be obvious to some, but one big disadvantage of the BIA perk is that it doesn’t come into affect until all crew members are at 100%. Since sixth sense is the most important skill, you always train that first on commander. If you go for BIA 2nd, that leaves you with no 2nd skill for 50+ games as you’re training BIA. If you train BIA 3rd, you’re going even longer with no skill benefit during training

SKILL HACK: Your first two skills on every crew member (except Sixth Sense), should be skills that have a benefit as soon as you start training them (camo, repairs, smooth ride, snap shot, intuition, etc). Once those first 2 skills are fully trained, reset all skills to include BIA instead. I typically pay 20k credits per crew member and take the 10% XP hit, but I find that much better than being without a skill the entire time I’m training BIA

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