Returned to the game after quite some time and i’m completely lost on tech tree

Hey everyone! i hope you’re doing well
i came back to the game after a long time break and seems like so much has changed!

i dont even know what tier or what tank i was grinding but i can remember that back in the days my clan forced me to get an IS-3 so seems like i was grinding for that cause right now i can buy an IS and continue the line to IS-7? i dont even know if that tank is good or not tbh

that would be awesome if you guys help me pick a line in tech tree and start playing on that. what i like is tanks with big turret that do high dmg

seems like on tech tree i can currently buy : VK30.01 H , IS , Cromwell and Setter but i am fine with starting a new row if i like the tanks on the end of the row!

Thanks in advance <3

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