Returning After a 3 Years Break – Are SPGs Really This Bad Now?

So I have a bad habit of picking up WoT, playing it for sometime, then going on a break for long periods of time. These breaks can last a few months, or sometimes span a year. Of course with that, there are updates that change the game I quickly find myself learning about when I come back. This especially is apparent it would seem when it comes to my main class, SPGs.

This last span, from what I can tell, was almost 3 years to the date.

So far from what I can tell, the SPGs include

Finally getting back AP shells (which is nice, since it made the Crew Perk Deadeye a waste) Tracers on SPG rounds are super visible, and loud. As well as a new perk that helps “detect” them At least the US tier removed almost all it’s low tier stuff, including SPGs (I remember when I started 12 years back, there was tier II SPGs and upwards). And a new M44 tank added

While these are all pretty clear, there is one I can’t tell if it’s me or not, and that is, are the SPGs really now this useless and weak?

I know I have been away for sometime, and strategies change over time. Shoot the previous break I returned from, SPGs weren’t shooting and scooting (made it real easy to counter arty). But I can’t believe this much has change, and/or I have gotten this rusty.

I now feel I am struggling more then I used to with the RNG, where shots more and more are totally missing the mark then what I used to recall (and mind you I have been using the same M40/M43 SPG for years, with all the research completed). It’s gotten to the point that I only bother to carry the HE rounds that do stun damage and have the largest blast radius.

However, even with this, it seems the radius isn’t what it used to be. For instance, I swear their are times I clip the opponent SPGs when I counter arty, yet the after mission report all to often shows pure stunning, with not even a single piece of HP, or even module or crew damage.

So I ask again, have SPGs really gotten this bad? I wouldn’t be surprised, they are always tweaking them, and all too often it felt like it was a nerf of some sort, whether it be more expensive to run, removing any real damage if you try to “TD” in a last ditch effort, ext.

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