Returning player needs advice

Hi folks, recently I came back to playing WoT for some stress relief after work and I am quite overwhelmed by the amounts of tanks/lines in game atm.
Currently I am seeking some good tank line that is ok to grind for free to play.

I have SuperConq – I stopped playing shortly after SuperConq came into game. I have tier 8 British med. T29, T20 and Bat chat and T110E3. I enjoy tanks that are good at certain thing and not so much jack of all trades, I enjoy if tank has great DPM,burst,armor or is ridgeline king because I can adjust my gameplay to what the tank requires of me to do. With average tanks I’m less than average cuz I don’t know where to go or how to play to its strengths.

What tank line where the grind is acceptable would you recommend? (I can survive some harder grinds too)

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