Returning Player: This game is drastically different then it used to be.

I used to play “WoT” back when it was rather new, then I came back to it after it had first come to consoles (360/ps3 generation, I think). I remember the first inclusion of the french tank line, back when it was only Ger/USA/Rus. This game has been around for a while, and I am not surprised to see some change in a game as old as it is. That said, upon returning today, it is nearly unrecognizable from its earlier iterations. I am a little disappointed that they seemingly drifted so far from the simulation style game it once was (maybe War Thunder influenced this). Its not bad, and I am not entirely complaining about its full facial reconstruction, but its jarring knowing how it used to be and comparing it to how it is now.

I guess I was just wondering if any of you guys out there had similar experiences coming back to it after a long time, or if I am the only fish in this pond.

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