Returning to the game after 2 years of not playing, tech line recommendations

I just recently returned to WoT after not playing for more than 2 years. When I quit, My best tank was a T34-85. However, I’m not sure I want to continue the Obj. 430U line anymore. That means, I need to find a new line to research.

I like medium tanks, I tried TDs but so far I’m kinda mixed on them. I had some heavys in the past so I don’t mind those.

The czech tanks seemed interesting to me with their autoloaders, but I’ve heard the tier 7-8 vehicles are a pain. I’ve tried the american TDs (T110E4 line), but they don’t fit my style.

I don’t seek anything particularly special in a tank, I like all rounders. Do you have any recommendations for a medium tank line that isn’t a total pain at tier 7-9?

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