Returning WoT player (2011-2015) looking to do referral program with someone

Hello r/WorldofTanks,

I’m a returning player who player from 2011 until 2015 before leaving to play another game (League of Legends). I got tired of playing LoL and decided to come back to WoT. I decided to start fresh as it’s been a very long time. So far I have 182 battles and enjoying the game so I wanted to ask on reddit if anyone wanted to grind for the referral vehicles with me?

If you’re interested, DM me on Reddit, and we’ll have a chat to see if your time zone/usual playing hours matches up with when I like to log-on. I usually play after 5-6 PM EST, and the time I get off is whenever I get bored (at least two or three hours, but you don’t have to play the entire time).

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