Rework/Update Campaign Missions? IMO Issues with Outdated Objectives

Has there been any news regarding older campaign missions? Many of them seem much more difficult than originally intended upon release, especially missions regarding blocking with armor, doing damage, and practically all artillery based missions – specifically those that are XP based. Generally, these issues stem from the first campaign because of its age but some of these issues return in campaign 2.

Examples (Campaign 1)
– For artillery, 1-14 for the Obj 260 is easier than mission 15 for the T-55A because of that experience requirement

– Heavy tank 12 for the T-55A -> Deal 2k damage BUT block over 3x the hitpoints of your vehicle which of course doesn’t take into account ricocheted damage which would make the mission much more obtainable

– Participate in Base captures. —>>>> No one caps in this game – if this mission include other primary objectives good luck

– Obj 260 HT13 -> Destroy 3 tanks in the first 4 mins (Why give this to slow heavies rather than mediums) 3 is excessive compared to the 2 previously required in HT13 for the T-55A. Comparing to Chimera, Union 2 and 6, you can use any class of tank.

– Cause X% of your teams total damage + win the battle. Without the use of HE derps from TD’s such as the Fv4005, how does one expect to not only lessen their damage per shell but also be forced with the large reload timer before the match ends. (Which we see nowadays going pretty quickly in most cases)

Examples (Campaign 2)

– Chimera, Alliance 1 -> Cause 25% of teams damage + win meanwhile the Alliance 15 is cause 6,500 damage. Significantly much more obtainable as it does not require the enemy to have beefy boys as there is no % required and a win is not needed.

– Chimera, Alliance 8 -> Cause 4x more damage than the hit points of your vehicle. Same issue as before, without the usage of derps how do you obtain such damage without a 15min long battle and the enemy team maintaining all their HP throughout the duration.

If it was possible to participate in other campaign tiers I would leave many of these missions behind as there are much, much easier missions further along in the campaigns that can grant further rewards to increase someone’s potential for tanks that can squeak through these insane requirements such as requiring the Tier X French Autoloading Artillery for some of these artillery/stun missions

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