Riot Games Bought Wargaming Sydney

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Riot Games bought Wargaming Sydney – the studio helped with the development of World of Tanks PC.

The studio will be renamed Riot Sydney and will support the ongoing development of existing Riot games.

Video game developer and publisher Riot Games have announced the acquisition of Wargaming Sydney(Australia)

Wargaming Sydney is one of the largest gaming studios in Australia, formed under its original name BigWorld back in 2002. The studio created the game development tools and other software architecture needed to develop online games such as MMOs. Following the acquisition by Riot, Wargaming Sydney will be renamed Riot Sydney and will help develop Riot games such as Valorant and League of Legends.

* This division of WG was known for creating BigWorld Technology, a widely used MMO engine. Allowed the studio to get into the Guinness Book of Records when there were 250 thousand players on one server at the same time.

Wargaming Sydney is the only company being acquired by Riot Games, with other studios under the Wargaming name not affected by the acquisition. Wargaming will also retain ownership of the BigWorld Technology gaming software architecture for its existing games.

Riot says the rebranded Riot Sydney will be a key member of its network of development studios. The publisher said in a press statement that it “looks forward to the growth of the gaming industry in Australia” and “will continue to explore similar opportunities to add experienced talent from veteran studios”. The entire Wargaming Sydney development staff will join Riot Sydney, while the current publishing team will remain part of Wargaming. The development staff will continue to work in their current offices.

“We are thrilled to bring these talented developers and teams to Riot,
” said Marc Merrill, co-founder, and president of Riot Games, in a press release.
“Riot players who have worked with members of the Sydney team have confidence not only in the technology that has been built over the years, but more importantly in the people who created it.”

“We have been working at Wargaming for over 10 years, and during this time the studio has become a real titan of the industry,” comments Naz (Naresh Hirani, Head of Development at Riot Sydney).
“Cooperating with Riot, we made sure that our values ​​​​are fully aligned, and we will be happy to contribute to the development of the company’s projects. Our entire team is thrilled to be able to bring amazing new products to players with Riot.”

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