rng? or what the hell even is that?

sup everybody, i have a problem… is it only me? I cant consistently have good sessions, there are just terrible days when I want to leave this game again (about the 9th time). wtf even is that?

I have a really good session on the 10.09 and the next day was just so horrible and frustrating that i just didnt log into the game for 3 days. I had a few decent days after that and then just a perfect session last night, but… again, the next day (today) after that was the worst gaming session of my life. my first impression of t103 was ruined (just bought it for bonds, in 25 battles I have 30% winrate with almost 2k average damage…), my 50tp average damage stat was ruined (from 2700 to 2200) and my mood was terribly ruined for the whole day.

what are your thoughts, experience? share with me. what can be done about it and what advice can you give? i’m 52% player with 5700 battles, came back to the game at the end of 2022 after a 4 year break.

*for some reason, today’s session is not displayed in the general statistics on tomato gg so I attached it separately



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