[Rule Horror] World of Tanks rules. Welcome for any ideas to add more rules!

REDLINING IS PROBABLY WRONG. I apologize. I will try camping in Tier 9~10 tanks tomorrow to see what happens. If the WN8 goes down then camping is really wrong. I will camp base bushes 10 games in T-54 LTWT, 10 in the 430U, 10 in AE Phase 1. All not camping tanks. If my dmg really decreases then camping is wrong. My WN8 improving, as others have said, is because of team mates carrying, and the seal clubbing effect. If I become useless crap when I camp in higher tiers then I’ll stop camping.

Never trust anyone. Never.

If you see a short, black, thick tube pointing at you, especially sticking out from a large square box, press S to fall back to cover. If there is no cover, press W. If you’re slow or stationary, wish you a good, sweet, painless sleep.

In this country, the only shapes are square and triangle. If you see anything else, it’s your hallucination. Put some grass before your eyes and you’ll see a triangle.

People’s hair usually can’t move. If you see a Chinese man who has a thick hair pointing upwards and backwards, and you can see his red face, stay as far as possible for your own safety. If his face or forehead is green (this is unlikely), slap it as hard as you can for others’ safety.

Big White Rabbits from Germany are heavy and dangerous. Even the Red Faced Chinese Man would appear green in front of him. To kill it for food, approach it from its side and back. If you see a barrel pointing at you from that rabbit, pray for the best.

This country does not have WiFi signal. If you see there is WiFi signal, displayed by orange lines, press W. Run as fast as you can.

If you feel someone is pushing you, he is not your friend anymore. Stay far from him.

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