Russian Refund – BM style (I’ll take the 10,500 gold thank you WG!)

WG thought they had me… But I got them!

Blyat Market promises of Gold type 59’s Foch 155, Deathstars, Panzer V/IV and lots of others – what choice did I get?
1/ Chrysler K ( did everyone get this shitty option? )
2/ Lansen C, ( this would have been my choice )
3/ PZ 38H (power crept)
4/ IS-6B (blyat)
5/ Schwartzpanzer Mutz. (Pfft – nope!)

BUT !! – I went to the bond shop, bought the IS-6B in the shop for 8000 bonds ( which I wasn’t using anyway), then went to the BM deal and selected the IS-6B


I got 10,500 gold compensation for the one in my account already & of course an IS-6B – which ill most likely sell (or trade-in next time come to think of it) asap

THIS is how you strike back fellas!

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