S. Conq equipment question: Experimental equipment worth it versus Bounty?

Hello people,

I have a question about the Super Conqueror’s equipment setup. Currently I am running it with a bount Turbo, a bounty hardening (HP) and a bond rammer. I like this setup. Its pretty good for me I think. But I have two T3 Experimental equipment types – the Survival Improvement Suite T3 and the Mobility Improvement System T3. I am comparing the two set ups that I have here:


I am unsure what is better. The one I currently have has slightly more health points, slightly tougher tracks (can helps vs some mediums or light tanks) and very slightly better acceleration. The one with the Experimental equipment is near peer but inferior in those aspects, but does give a boost to ammo rack HP, engine, and fuel tank HP alongside with improved gun handling. In some ways it may be better for the S. Conqueror.

The question is – is it ? Has anyone else experimented with these choices before?

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