Sandbox 2021: Progressive badges and Crew levels

Upon reaching Level 75, Skill Points can no longer be earned, and the Elite Progression (Professional Expertise) will be unlocked for the Commander.

With each new level of Professional Expertise, the crew will receive a small increase to their vehicle handling level. This is the sign of a well-trained crew.

The crew will also receive a special progressive badge that can be applied just like any other. The badge has no national affiliation, but it will change its appearance as the crew reaches each new stage of development.



All current special crew members (Snow Maidens, Chuck Norris, Battle Pass heroes, etc.) will be converted into valuable new characters: Instructors. They will provide additional Skill Points (on top of the 10-point limit) to the crew and increase the experience earned after each battle. Instructors will have a special icon next to their image in the Garage. You can assign up to four Instructors to each crew in your Garage. This functionality will be unlocked for free at Crew Levels 15, 30, 45 and 60. The more Instructors are assigned to a particular crew, the more experience it will receive after battles.

Special crew members will be assigned an Instructor Class, depending on the size of the bonus they provide:

  • Special crew members with one zero perk will be converted into a Class III Instructor.
  • Special crew members with two zero perks will become Class II Instructors.
  • Class I Instructors will be added to the game later.

You can select one of five certifications that correspond to the crew’s Training Courses (Tactics, Gunnery, Maintenance, Driver, Operations) for each Instructor, and one Instructor competence that will provide additional points on top of the standard 10 Points for one or two Crew Skills. The total number of these additional points will depend on the class of the Instructor.

Combined partner crews (Sabaton, characters from “The Boys” series, etc.) will receive four Instructors from the previous crew/band with pre-selected certifications.

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