Searching for funny usernames with fitting tank roles

To make a long story short: I‘m planning to do a World of Tanks themed Lego Stop Motion in the future and for that I need some funny usernames and which tank-type they should play.

This is what I already have: – HocusPocusArtyFocus (LT) – S1descrap1ng_H3llc4t (TD) – HermanTheGermanSherman (MT) – GERman_accurACY (HT) – Intern-Ivan (?) – BestCl1ckerTM (Arty) – BushKemp (TD) – Lets_Call_Him_Dave (MT) – ToxicBaby (MT)

Do you have and further suggestions?

P.S.: The names can also include jokes from WoT-YTers and Streamers.

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