Seriously, how is 3MOE damage requirement so high on Skoda T 27?

It’s a premium, so it would make sense. Except the tank is absolute dogshit. That 88mm autoloader is one of the worst guns on tier 8. Low DPM, No armour, not even decent scouting potential, other meds do all of that better.

The only thing Skoda has going for it is 1.8 second intra-clip reload time. And most of the time you can’t even use that properly, because accuracy and handling is laughable…

I bought Skoda some time ago through trade-in, I gave up T26 Patriot for it. I’ve played 300 games with 2100 WN8 and I never got past the 88% mark… Doing 3k combined each game is unrealistic. I know other tier 8 prems have much higher requirements, but those tanks are actually good. When a tank is garbage, average player performance is bad as well, hence why shit tanks have small damage requirements for marks. But Skoda is garbage and somehow still has a high requirement. Why ???

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