Shell not penetrating Armor even with higher penetration.

Hello i have a little problem here, recently i started playing WoT again, currently levelling a STUG III G (armed with the 7,5 cm PAK 42L/70 canon) so in the last few game i ran into a LOT of problems when it come to damaging enemies, even when aiming for weak spot at close range and using high penetration shell, that gun is already pretty damn good with basic shell when it come to armor penetration but with the PZGR 40L it go up to 194/174 mm, even then a lot of tanks give me problems, and i am not talking about bouncing but the shell not even penetrating on straight shot. As an example i recently engaged a A43 BP heavy tank at about 130/150 meter, several shot later and none pierced its armor, no bounce either, the thing is that the A43 BP got an armor up to 152 at it’s thickest point and my shell should have easily landed and damage it, that problem happen even against light tank and at that point i really don’t understand what happening. Anyone got an explaination for me?

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