Shot distribution spreadsheet.

Created (another) spreadsheet, this time looking at shot distribution. Sheet has two pages, one just graphs a random 100 shot distribution (based on the probabilities worked out by u/overlewd ) the other has charts to compare two tanks (well 2 dispersions), including the probability of each hitting certain size targets.

Its a Google Sheet so make a copy and save to your own drive to use it, hopefully some find it useful to understand the shot distribution better:

Why did I make this?

You often see claims about different tanks having different RNG (or sigma’s) but really when you look at how WG sets up the shot distribution it is more likely just a perception issue.

For instance the, derp KV2, I think many “jokingly” refer to it as one of the more accurate tanks in the game. Lets compare it against a Leo 1.

Both fully aimed with no equipment the KV2 has a 0.57 accuracy(at 100M) and the Leo has 0.28. (Assume both aiming at something at the same distance.) So first off many might think because the KV2’s fully aimed reticle is double the radius of the Leo, at least half of its shots will fall outside the radius of the Leo. In actuality about 69% of the KV2’s shots will fall within the .28 radius.

Now lets assume they are both aiming at a target the is the equivalent size of .15 radius. To make it easy we will consider the target as a circle, visually it would look like this (KV2 black circle, Leo Blue, Target red. *close approximation)

Again, despite the initial appearance, factoring in probabilities, the Leo has approximately a 69% chance to hit the shot, while the the KV2 has around a 42% chance. So out of 100 shots the Leo is only likely to hit 27 more shots than the KV2.

So back to the perception thing, most will assume the Leo will hit so they will curse it 31% of the time, meanwhile you are more likely to assume the KV2 will miss, yet it will connect 42% of the time. In reality the Leo hit more but the KV2 probably made you happier 🙂

Same as always I do not guarantee the sheets are error free, if you find something let me know.

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