Should I just stick to tier 6 forever?

I have been playing this game on and off for years and recently reached 2000 battle milestone.

I have tried nearly all trees and all branches, usually up to tier VI. I have unlocked a lot of tier VII tanks, and even some tier VIII and IX tanks.


I am also also a F2P casual player though. I have been playing a bit more in the past few days, but other than that, yeah.


I should preface this by saying that I only use small consumables, and I never use premium rounds.

On tier VI I manage to make 10k to 15k credits per win.

When I move onto higher tiers, it gets worse. On tier VII, I make 5k on a win, and when we lose I lose credits (Recently had a game on tier VII, P43 Ter, 3.5k combined, and I still lost credits because we lost the game).

Now sure, I could just grind the lower tiers to make money to play the higher tiers. The thing is, not only it takes ages to save up for high tier tanks (I can make like 60k/hour on tier VI) – So it would take like 40 hours to save up for a tier 8 tank, and thats if I get lucky, but even after getting one, I would always have to play several low tier games to make money for it. But with how much I play, that would mean I pretty much wont get to play the high tiers at all anyway. I do not want to grind whole gaming session to be able to play 1 high tier match, if even that.


So with the recent discounts, I have been wondering if it would not be better to just get more fun tier VI tanks. I am afraid I will regret purchasing higher tiers.

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