Should I play World of Tanks?

Hi guys! I’m a veteral WoT player who started playing back in Beta, but stopped in 2018 (shortly after ver1.0 was introduced), reason being that the game was much more frustrating than it was fun for me. However I’d be willing to give it another chance, but first I’d like to as some questions, ask for your opinion:

Did the matchmaking improve at all since 1.0? Another way I can put the question is, are the battles still mostly just one team steamrolling the other team? If I have to name just one thing I truly despized about this game, is how unbalanced 90% of the Random battles felt over the years. If it was about 1 in every 5 matches let’s say, I could roll with that, but I’m no Unicum player, never was, so I’d like to know if it’s even possible to have decent battles on average without the requirement for me to carry the team all by myself.

Are there even weakspots anymore? I still occasionally watch some videos of WoT players on Youtube, and I keep hearing that Wargaming removed pretty much all weakspots from the game, and the new tanks they introduce don’t have any to begin with. How much of it is true? Is Gold the new ammo standard?

Can you proggress at a decent pace without devoting your life, mind, soul and both livers on the altar of endless grinding? This may be the most important thing for me to know, I played WoT for over 8 years previously, and I never felt like I was proggressing anywhere, even if I got better and more efficient over time, going up on the Tier levels seemed to nullify my efforts. It felt more like a gaming limbo of sorts where you keep playing simply because you don’t know what else to do.

Can you have fun as a free-to-play player? If WoT would have the option of a one-time purchase, I’d be willing to pay a full 60 Euros no problem. But I’ll be damned if I ever stoop so low as to open my wallet for useless microtransactions and ridiculously overpriced premium features. I did some calculations back in the day and came to the conclusion that if I was to continue playing after 1.0 and not be at a serious disadvantage (let alone being able to upkeep the maintenance cost of Tier8+ vehicles), I’d have to spend about 800 Euros a year to get all of the good features, and not be forced to grind on lower tier battles for money. That is absolutely unacceptable for me, so if the game doesn’t allow itself to be played casually, say, 1-2 hours a day, then I’ll pass.

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