Should I trade in Caern AX for Kpz 07?

…Or 122 TM, though dpm seems horrific?

Caern has been sitting in my garage for a long time, I don’t really play it, but I really, really have trouble letting go of tanks.

I have some of the best tanks already, so looking at kpz for collection and because I like maximizing tanks’ good sides. That dpm is very appealing, especially if I slap a bond rammer on.

I am worried that I won’t be able to make it work though. I have a good winrate on bourrasque, but sometimes I struggle to find good spots to continuously use dpm on my low alpha tanks. But I did well in STA-1, so it depends on the tank I guess.

Caern also should have a much higher chance to be sold for silver on events like black market like, right? Than kpz or 122.

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