Should streamers and youtubers who got free xmas boxes from wg and 50-100k gold free be excluded from participating in the auction as their bids will inflate prices for real buyers

What do u guys think, i think its very obviously morally wrong that they can use free printed gold to buy more free xp and put in higher gold n free xp bids making other legit wales have to buy even more gold to have a chance at a winning bid. Everything about this screams illegal to me.

Give them a seperate auction, seperated from the rest who did not get any free gifts from wg. Anything else is just wrong. This exclusion should also be expanded to black market. Their bids do not belong with the rest of us, period.

Imagine a world were i can inflate my own auction prices by printing free money and give it to my friends to use for bidding making other legitemate interested buyers have to spend and buy more gold with real money … sounds so obviously morally and ethically wrong, wonder if its even legal …

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