Should the Rinoceronte receive a similar ‘tuning pass’ to that of the AMX M4 54?

I know it’s a much more recent addition compared to that of the AMX, but honestly I feel as though it’s implementation was very poor, in such a way that makes the tank painful to play – which ironically, is quite surprising considering WeeGee’s other takes of the Italian TT (COUGH Minotauro COUGH).

I don’t want to make it OP (obviously) but there are a few areas of the tank that I think REALLY need to be looked over and buffed to make it a more viable tier 10;

Dispersion values;

0.30 on hull movement and traverse is absolutely awful in every sense of the word – simply put, drop it to 0.20 at the least and be done with it. No reason at all for it to be so high.


Everyone knows it, the DPM is non-existent. The clip is nice, but you’re still only doing 100~ damage more in a clip than a Kran, that takes almost 3 extra seconds to empty, with none of the benefits a Kran has. The reload should be dropped a couple of seconds for each shell.


Not exactly a bad factor of the tank (Excluding it’s horrible reverse speed), this is more personal preference – bump the top speed to 45, and the reverse speed to 15. It really feels like it’s supposed to be a mobile heavy, but WG saw fit to counter that by punishing you for moving at all with it’s horrid dispersion values. And yes, you’re also slower than a Kran… surprise.

I really want to like the tank, it looks cool (The most important factor IMO), and the gun ‘feels’ nice when you actually get a chance to fire it every 15 minutes, but other than that it’s just uncomfortable to play. Just my two cents, any thoughts?

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