Since It’s on sale in NA, here’s a friendly reminder on the Primo Victoria

Unless you’re buying it for the skin and crew or just to collect it, the Primo Victoria isn’t really worth the money. Compared to other centurions (Such as the Cent 5/1, tech tree cent, and I threw in the FV4202 since it’s got comparable stats), it’s really only “better” compared to the tech tree Cent.

The high velocity is its biggest flex, but compared to the rest it’s lacking. I also compared it to the Lansen, since that’s the other tier VIII Swedish Premium Medium, and really there’s nothing much to say. The Lansen has a bigger gun, and isn’t too far different otherwise. It’s also just a STRV 81 with a special skin

+ I am fairly certain that the British crew configuration means that the P. Victoria cannot be used to train Swede Medium Crews.

Not saying the tank isn’t fun, or the skin and crew aren’t cool. Only that if you’re looking for something competitive, you could do better with a Cent 5/1, FV4202, or something that’s not been power crept like all three tanks, like a Progetto 46

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