Skill Based Matchmaking in another event mode: Steel Hunter

After the Waffenträger mode, Wargaming once again included Skill Based Matchmaking (SBMM) in another fun and event mode. The game doesn’t show your elo or rank to at least understand and compare yourself. It is basically ranked but worse as you get no rewards for being in a higher elo.
If I am right, Wargaming didn’t address it in their video and I haven’t heard anyone talking about it.

You can find that in the Steel Hunter article under “Familiar Features”, the last point under “From Reborn”.

That explains why the first matches are such a breeze. You achieve new damage records, while the following matches are a pure torture compared to the first match. Now, it also makes sense how I made 17k damage and 7 kills and never had a problem fighting players. It also answers, why I wait minutes even if there are 60 solo players in the queue.

Yet another dumb down of Steel Hunter, yet another fun nerf of an event and fun mode. And the best, you don’t know it unless you look for it as it doesn’t show your global rank/rating which is used for the matchmaking.

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