Skoda T56, I don’t get the hype…

It has its moments, I do above average XP. My WR only 52%, got better WR in other tier 8 heavies.

Normal ammo pen is weak. Armor not great. Slow. Gun is trolley.

Worst thing, seems like I get garbage teams non stop. 9 games in it today, probably top 3 in at least 6 of them. First place a couple times. 2 wins.

Its no Borat or Prog. Or BZ. I think the Renegade is better. Heck, I think the Tiger II is better. T56 maybe shines more in clan or platooning if you can get some cover when reloading. Its great if you face dummies that overexpose or make mistakes so you can slam two rounds into them quickly.

Just disappointing and I feel like I have to fight it to get wins. And fight my own team. Definitely less fun to play than many other tanks.

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