SLI is no longer going to be supported on 1.14.1. When was it ever supported?

I guess this is more sarcasm than anything. There is a notice today that SLI will no longer be supported on version 1.14.1. When was it ever supported? I use to run a SLI rig long ago, and performance in the game went DOWN when you enabled SLI. I remember when they announced SLI support years ago, and being so excited. I ran SLI on other games and it made performance much better.

Then, the disappointment of WG’s implementation of SLI hit. Worse performance with it on. I use to disable my 2nd video card because that’s the only way WoT would run well. I eventually got rid of my SLI config and went to a much better single card, but I’ve never known WoT to really support SLI.

SO I guess they are finally admitting what everyone else has already known for a long time, that it has sucked, and official support should just be removed.

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