So about quickybaby…

Sorry for the long post but for my whole life, ever since I started playing this game back in 2013 and I was just a little 13 year old boy, I’ve watched quickybaby a lot. I’ve quit many times but it’s always the quickybaby videos that would bring me back to the game and it eventually made me wanna buy a PC and play the actual PC version of the game (I’ve been playing on Xbox for a while)

anyways I feel like I’ve learned a lot from him and the mighty jingles but especially QB cause his content really seems to help out newer players

Anyways to the actual point, the other day I saw a post off the WOT forums and this guy started complaining about QB and all his content and everyone seemed to agree, and I looked it up every further and this seems to be everyone’s opinion on many different posts. No one seems to like him and not gonna lie, this like kinda crushed me a bit. I’ve been watching him for a long time and had no idea everyone thought these things about him until recently. Is there anyone here that actually does like him?

In all, I’ll probably keep watching him cause I like his content, but I just hate having that at the back of my head now

Note- I’m not really into watching streams and all that and I know he’s apparently toxic on there more than YouTube.

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