So far, I agree on the Chinese Rocket Tanks

Hey folks!

Since I have every other tree in the game completed, all I have left to grind is the new branches that WG gives us as they come out. Also, since i have nothing else to spend free xp on, i unlock all the modules on tanks and just grind the rest of the way to the next one so I can get a feel for them, and also to see if I can find hidden gems.

The group consensus that I’ve seen on the Tier 7 is that it is ok-to-good. I have to agree on that. The armor isn’t great, and the mobility outside of 3 boosters is meh, but it just works. It isn’t amazing by any means, but it just works, is fun to play, and I can say I’d give it a thumbs up if asked to recommend it.

I just started the Tier 8 last night. Group consensus so far is it is bad, as in AMX 65t levels bad. Again, free xp’d all the modules because why not, and played my first match in it. The match was a win, and I came in on top in damage/XP done. However, it didn’t feel good. It felt like I was fighting the gun’s accuracy and reload timer. The armor worked randomly (i haven’t figured it out yet, but 1 game in it – I’ll learn). The mobility is decent. I cant’ really complain about that.

I just don’t have a description for it other than it felt ‘wrong’. Not wrong as in toxic, but wrong as in it is bad, and as much as I enjoy trying to find redeemable qualities about bad tanks, I fear this one will be like the AMX 65t and be irredeemable.

Just thought I’d share my opinions on a random day.

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