So how you guys rate what I did in the trade in

So I started with 7750 gold in the bank

First of all I traded in the amx m4 49L for the TS-5. Got about 5200 from the amx so only spent around 3100 to get the TS-5

2nd I rebought the amx m4 49L for 8k bonds (had around 34k bonds) and traded it in for the CS-52 Lis. Just need to add about 1300(ish gold to get it)

3rd so a guy finished his referral program with me yesterday so went with vk 168.01 (p) and used that as trade with the WZ-120-1G-FT. Got over 5k gold from the 168.01(p) so only had to pay around 3,100 gold for the TD and still have 1100 gold in the bank

So 6550 gold(and 8k bonds) for 3 quality premium tanks

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