So, I got reported by a CC and 3-day banned by Wargaming…

Some of you may have seen it on Twitch this past Friday. I was definitely in the wrong, but sick and tired of the lack to team play and consideration for others only because I expect that from myself. This instance the player setup in the back with their SP I.C. while sniping at the enemy tanks that revealed themselves shooting up the other players in front of the player. Persistently refused requests to range out ahead and spot. I rolled my Bassotto behind them to get them moving. Eventually, they did, and I followed, and, when they attempted to turtle again, I pushed them out. They did not get destroyed not even sure they got damaged; they ran down into the fight, which I followed and eliminated the two enemy tanks present; i.e. did not leave them hanging out to dry. They then proceeded to continue to just poke and shoot. Gave up the antagonizing at that point. Our team had no handle on map control the entire match which is a light tank’s job. Rarely do you see a match turn on a light tank’s damage output (higher tiers being the exception, but this was VI-VIII). My first objective in a light is always spotting. This match was a loss; the player was at the top statwise, but who cares if you lose? May still have turned out a loss, but they definitely did not help the situation.

I have read several of the posts on here about light tanks. I get it; there’s a lot of lack of understanding from very demanding non-light players. YOLOing is not the answer. Light tanks need to be cautious but also need to be find out where the opposing players are located. The pay off is huge when done right. This player wasn’t doing it right. Well aware anyone can play however they want, but that doesn’t make it right, and this person has had years of experience playing and knows better. My perception is they were much more interested in getting the stats for the match to promote their channel.

Like I said, I was definitely in the wrong, and I can’t change the state of play, unfortunately. Need to accept it and avoid acting on it. Let it rip on the comments.

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