So is the M4-85 the better choice from token store ?

Compared to Ram 2 it has much better punching gun but it trades it for overall worse accuracy and trash tier dpm which from I quickly checked (cough at work cough) is worse than tech tree T5 tanks

However it’s also much more mobile while apparently having overall roughly the same effective armor. Something around 90mm I believe ( armor view doesn’t work well on mobile), Ram 2 front is more complex but it seems that overall majority of it is around 90mm eff at front

So either way since 90mm at T5 isn’t going to do much the armour is irrelevant anyway so m4-85 wins by being much more mobile (tho ram gets better hp/t ratio)

Anyone has experience playing these two ? I don’t really see any cons for ram 2 other than having much bigger DPM but with worse pen and better hp pool

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