So the Semovente M43 Bassotto Tank Destroyer…? A lot to unpack here (stick around). Review.

First of all, I want to give a shoutout to the Wargaming Developers on the T5 M41 Semovente. That tank was a Cadillac; just a smooth ride and fun to drive. Very comfortable.

Now to the topic at hand. The M43 Bassotto is quiet a spectacular tank. Historically, I’m laughing my butt off because this thing is a Frankenstein. It never officially housed the 90mm cannon from the Semovente 90/53 Tank Destroyer or the 102mm cannon from the P.108 Heavy Bomber. But I can see this as only humor, because this tank would be a short ride with two gun options. I wouldn’t mind, but that’s neither here nor there.

So what makes this tank so special? Both the M41 and M43 boast outstanding camo and view range, there’s no arguing that. This may seem like a disadvantage to the enemy, however the gun dispersion and aim time of both tanks reel in their power, never overstepping into overpower territory, giving it that “very comfortable” label I described earlier. No the reason this tank is so popular is because of its alpha damage. All 360 points of it. From a 102mm gun???

And therein lies the issue I have with this gun. Under the general gun rules of WOT pertaining to each Calibur, it makes no sense. Have a look at the top damage dealing T6 TDs from and I want you all to look specifically at the Damage and Calibur of the listed tanks. Notice anything?

I’ll wait.

There is a stark difference in damage power from the 122mm guns and the 100mm guns. Going back to those gun rules, it seems that any 122mm gun is generally 390 damage and up. Sometimes 360 damage. While any 100mm gun is generally 250 damage and up. Yes you do have some troublemaker tanks that need all the help they can get, so the developers boost their alpha on damage according to set bars being raised (Ex. The Offspring tank introduced with 280 alpha damage). But 280 damage for a 100mm plus cannon is respectable/good. 320 damage is great! But 360 damage?! No, that is too much for that size cannon.

There is no logical justification for it. I would be a big fat liar if I didn’t see 35-40% of my opponents losing almost half their health from one shot. Furthermore, why does this tank have APCR rounds to begin with? I’ve scoured the internet and have yet to find an article suggesting the 102mm cannon ever used any. Correct me if I’m wrong, of course. However, before some community members start to howl the word, “Overpowered!”, I want to reiterate that this tank is not overpowered. The armor can’t take it. The bloom reticule takes precious patience. The turning radius kills the focus. All this tank is about, is that unjustified, high alpha.

One more issue I have with this tank is the HP of this tank’s engine. I cannot be the only Bassotto driver in this game who hasn’t experienced an unusually high amount of engine destruction when receiving hits. So I did some digging again on and found proof of my theory:

Specifically, the engine health here.

As far as I can’t tell, the M43 was upgraded with a stronger engine, historically, over the M41. But I can’t seem to find any details regarding sacrifices to the armor just to house it. To be frank, I think this was an oversight in the development process and would greatly encourage a buff to this engine’s HP to match the M41. Sure, I could carry around two repair kits, but I want that to be MY choice for tactic’s sake rather than a dang necessity! If the developers want to also buff other T5/6 TDs engines above 100, more power to them.

So in conclusion, what’s the best solution here? Bring the alpha of the 102mm cannon down from 360 to 280 or 320. Maybe 300. That is critical and buff the engine health from 84 to 104, matching the M41 engine health.

Everything else after that fix is just my humble opinion or wish list. I’d like also for the dispersion to come down from 40 to 38 and the aim time come down from 2.30 to 2.10. This is because I also want to make room for adjustments to the 90mm cannon as well. I feel the aim time especially seems harsh for its size gun. So in short, the aim time should come down from 2.70 to 2.30 and the dispersion down from 42 to 40.

All I know is, if something isn’t done soon, we may have a bigger problem on our hands…

Captured 9/19/2022

Thank you everyone for taking the time in reading this! This was a lot of fun to create and I felt it needed to be brought up and backed up with statistical proof. I’m all for nerfs when needed but if there’s no guidance as to WHERE it should directed? Let’s just say a 2 pound hammer and a 40 pound rock can both get the job done nailing in a…nail… It’s just a matter of how much damage was done afterwards. Thank you again! I’d also like to you hear what you guys think about his matter, if it’s fair or unfair, etc.

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