So we have 2 teams…

How do we make more gold?

Well we make gold through people wanting to rush the tech tree. Free XP conversion etc.

So how do we make more?

Well why not make one team out of people who have just got their new tank or module and give them an RNG boost so they get invested in that tank.

The second team we make out of people who are about 50% of the way through that tank or module and already invested and give them poor RNG.

That way the second group are more likely to get frustrated and spend gold to free XP the tank as they don’t want to ‘waste’ the XP already earned.

But wont they figure it out and stop playing?

Nah not if we keep seeding discontent on the forums about bad matchmaking, XVM and Gold ammo.

But wont that just make alot of steamroll games?


I hope you enjoyed this little CoNspirAcY tHeoRy.

Hmmm ..I think I’ll patent this. ..oh wait..

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