So What is Up With This Thing?

114 SP 2 (Unfinished model)
     Is this an SPG? No. Is it a new heavy tank? No. Is it a clan wars reward tank? How many of those do they need to have anyway? No, this is the new TD everyone has been talking about recently the 114 SP 2. It is a Chinese BC 155 58 combined with a Borrasque and knockoff Russian bias. (Minus the clip) Why Wargaming felt the need for a mini FV4005 I do not know.

It has a fully traversable turret with up to 135mm of armor in some places. So it already has a huge niche as a mini-FV4005 because that is WAY thicker than 14mm and will not get penned by most HE rounds. The 75mm on the side is not exactly hot garbage either because nothing except a Couch-Launcher or Donqeror GC is going to overmatch that. In terms of damage, it is subpar for a 6 inch gun (152mm). Dealing around 650 instead of the customary 700.

Mobility wise it goes a rather mediocre 45 km/h, or 50 with a turbo. Mediocre does not seem like the right word until you consider the fact it is protected by 75mm of frontal hull armor. The BC 155 58 on the other hand, reaches speeds of 62 or 65 km/h while it has to carry a 155mm gun with a three clip autoloader! However it gets an absolutely absurd 15 and a half horsepower per ton. With that kind of horsepower per ton, I would not be surprised if it came with AMAZING ground resistance values, but we simply don’t know that for sure just yet.


I expect this thing to play a lot like a Skorpion. It will be consistently nimble, decent damage, (but nothing too ridiculous) good view range, but paper-thin armor in some places. It doesn’t feel like this playstyle has ever previously been an option at tier X. I feel like this is NOT a super powerful uber good tank that you will need to pick up to have an edge. Rather, this tank will be a playstyle expansion for the most popular tier in the game. I can’t wait to see how people play this in cw and I sincerely hope reading this has had a positive impact on your day.

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