So when are they adding another BT quest?

There’s zero reason to play the BT after you complete the missions currently, even throw in some token level deal 20K damage for a HARRIER “starter” repeatable (cumulative, not in one game), only available after completing the engi collection.

I’m enjoying the mode, save for the blatant saboteurs who take the plasma then suicide on the BT, with it’s shield up. And the map with VERY frequent too close generator spawns. Frequently rocking top on damage, so good source of crates. But I have no reason to play BT, the credits and xp are valueless, I can get 5x the credits in one average tier 8 prem match, it’s an engraved invitation for this 2 week long event to be over in 2 days. Since the harrier queue will stay up, BT drops and then people get bored of waiting.

So as the title says, when are we getting another BT quest?

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