Some FRontline adjustments.

Its not really technical but more of a idea/suggestion for Frontline game mode…..

Tier 9 going into the mode is fine but when the defending team purposely lets the attackers get the 2nd level fast as possible in order to let in tier 9 vehicles.. well i see a issue with this. the original purpose of this mode was a level playing field.

What i am proposing to you all is this…… tier 9 tanks not be released unless Caps A,B and C. regardless of say CAP D and E get taken and cap C is not even being touched tier 9 wont be and should not be Available!

Instead of blowing up their tank to get a tier 9(when they become available) the defending and attacking teams…. you could have them …! instead trade them in for 1of 4 tier 9 tanks conq for heavy.. med bact=chat 25t/leo pt and the t30 for TD and a light tank such as a ru251 available front line tanks. by going to the repair station and a head-up display with 3 tanks for the your tank by pressing 1, 2 or 3… No Commander would let you toss away a perfectly good tank and kill your crew just to upgrade a bit.

The top Player that reached general and own all the starting bases should be able to call in 1 supply drop to repair and rearm be warned though the enemy could capture this supply and get bonus silver! the supply drop cannot be dropped in safety areas though.

If defenders want a better chance then why not make the objective non attack-able until the basic bases(ABC) are taken…. the reason is this… [b]without a supply chain to move supplies in.. how is your team supposed to advance to attack .[b]

Just another thing that needs to change on Frontlines is moving the attackers repair station behind their safety line and it should be considered their supply point. what this would do is create a Fairplay of allowing attackers to fall back and repair/rearm as defenders can already do this 95% of the time! you could also just add in a supply in the safety zone instead.

Thanks for listening to my suggestions and i hope they will be seriously considered.

this is what i sent in to World of tanks and if u have anything to add please

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