Some Interesting Stats from my last 84 3rd marks & 100% marks.

I just updated my MoE spreadsheet for all my recent 100% marks, and I wanted to share some interesting stats!

★ Out of my past 84 marks, only 16 of them have not used a Turbo. 81% Turbo usage!
★ Of the 48 tanks that had access to 105 Octane, 18 of them used it instead of food, so a 37.5% Octane usage.
7% of my marks didn’t use a med kit, all of those were tanks that I ran food in combination with 105 Octane.
★ Only one single tank used Vents, out of 77 that had access to them (T95E6 with Bond Vents).
★ Only 2 tanks used Bounty Protection Technology – The FV201 A45, and the FV215b 183.
★ Only 1 tank ever used Hardening… The ShPTK. Ironic.
100% of my tanks that had access to VStabs used them.
★ Exactly 50% of tanks used Optics
14% of tanks that could use a Rammer, didn’t.
20% of all tanks used Improved Rotation Mechanism. 76% of those were Tank Destroyers (65% usage amongst TD’s).
22% of tanks used Improved Aiming Unit. 50% were heavies, 30% were TD’s, 20% were mediums.
★ The only tank to use Exhaust that was not a light tank, was the E-25.
★ I never used: Radio Set, Binocs, Camo Net, Spall Liner, GLD on any tank, both for primary and secondary loadouts.

Some of the stats I’m not too surprised by – I absolutely love mobility and good gun handling on the move, so it’s no surprise that I used Turbo, Octane and VStabs as much as I do.

What did catch me by surprise, was that only 1 tank ever used Vents or Hardening. When it comes to Vents, it seems like I try it at first on quite a few tanks, but I always end up removing them.

I just hate Vents, and would much rather have a buff focused on one specific area. Vents are only realistically useful for DPM, accuracy and view range. However, all of those areas already have equipment that will give you even more of a buff to them. And considering they don’t do anything for your mobility or gun handling, well… You can see why I completely avoid them.

As for Hardening, I generally prefer other equipment as well. It’s ironic that the only tank to actually use Hardening for the 100% mark was the ShPTK. I played it like an aggressive medium, so buffing the HP pool really helped for staying alive in the fight longer. I assume once I begin marking a lot of the super slow, armored TD’s, a lot more tanks will begin using it.

I’m also surprised so many of my tanks used Optics – Lately I haven’t been using them much at all, but I know in the past I would use them non-stop.

The tanks that didn’t use Rammer were all tanks with a long reload (10 seconds or more), often with unreliable guns. Think FV215b 183, 60TP, St Emil, T-34-3, IS-5, IS-6, T-10, etc. In general, if you can’t keep an enemy tank permanently tracked, the importance of Rammer is way less than on tanks with a faster reload. It’s not that often you can shoot when you’re reloaded, and making each shot count is also important to maximize your DPM in practice (paper DPM vs. actual damage output).

Interestingly, other than light tanks, the only 5 tanks I didn’t use a Turbo on were the SU-122-44, T95E6, Lorraine 40t, E-25, T67. The last 3 are all fast enough without it. T95E6 had insanely high marking requirements, so I had to try-hard without it. SU-122-44 desperately needed the Aiming Unit and Optics.

On the flip side, the only light tank I used a Turbo on was the T92 because it didn’t have the top speed to get into good bushes or do active scouting runs either.

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