Some weird question that no-one can relate because I don’t know why I’m fussing over this

Today I bought the BDR G1 B, and then realised that the modifications are very expensive for me XP wise. I only had 6k free XP left after researching it, and decided I would convert some gold into free XP.

I took a look at some of my tanks to choose which one I would pinch the combat XP off to convert into free XP, when I noticed something. In the modification research tree for vehicles, there is two amounts of XP listed, Combat Experience and Total Experience. Since I can’t make decisions very well I was just looking through every one of my tanks, and noticed that the difference between Combat XP and Total XP is always the same, no matter how much I’ve used a tank or what type, 6345 XP. I had never converted gold into XP before.

Me, being very much not happy with this, seeing the random difference between these two figures, tried to see a reason why this is the way it is. Couldn’t really think of any reason at all, or what ‘Total Experience’ even meant. I started by converting 50 gold into free XP, using Hetzer’s combat XP, to see if the difference between the two would change. It did. Now that the difference was made even bigger, I became very sad 🙁

I know I shouldn’t be bothered about this, but I would like someone to explain what ‘Total Experience’ is and why there is a difference between it and Combat Experience.


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