Someone hacked my account and got me banned

I havent played world of tanks in months, since maybe xmas time. Only to log in right now and see that my account has been suspended for a chargeback issue. I NEVER did this. I checked WoTLabs and saw that there have been 52 battles played on my account in the last 30 days, which obviously I didnt do because I havent played or thought about world of tanks in months. Ive spent thousands of hours and dollars on the game, I’m having a mild panic attack because of this. I really REALLY dont want to lose my account, Ive invested so much time and money into this, I cant lose it. I don’t even play it as much as I used to, but this is scaring me. Ive already sent in a ticket, and Im getting passwords changed and phone numbers authenticated. Is this a common issue right now? Am I just really unlucky?

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