Someone here needs this

Warning: The following post has been known to cause salt production in the State of California. Do not read if you are pregnant, may become pregnant, or have ever heard the word pregnant.

You are playing the game. It may be your first match of the day. It may be your 10th. You may be having a good time. You may be on a terrible losing streak. Maybe you just completed a mission with honors. Could be you just got a lucky ammo-rack to clutch victory for your team. Possibly, physics let you down and you bumped a rock too hard and exploded.

Doesn’t matter.

I still love you. You being in game makes the game possible for others. It makes the game possible for me. Without you, I would have nobody to play with or against.

Thank you for being Free to Play. Thank you for being Pay to Progress. Thank you for your conspiracy theories. Thank you for being my XP Pinata when I needed it.

May you all have a happy and wonderful 2023!

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