Sound detection (arty sixth sense) and crew 2.0


So WG introduced this crew skill in latest patch.

But what i am curious about is how are they going to solve it after the crew 2.0 comes in? I checked the crew 2.0 preview skill tree on WoT website, but i didnt find any skill which would have anything to do with arty. Is it going to be automatic like the regular sixth sense?

And second question. Do you like crew 2.0 generally? I mean, there are a lot of skills like “if you do this, you get bonus for next 5 seconds” and so on… Also a lot of bonuses for “vehicle handling”. What does “vehicle handling” represent? Like everything from aim time, reload, mobility and so on? There are so much “vehicle handling” skills that with a certain skill build, tanks will become rocket fast (if i understood it correctly). But i am amazed by this. Do we really need tanks to be even faster then they already are? Russian heavy tanks are already faster than some medium tanks, we dont want them to be even faster πŸ˜‚ Whats more, i didnt find there anything like brothers in arms or something passivs. Just a stupid things which give you bonus for 10 seconds if you do this and that. Some of those skills seem to me like something from MOBA hack and slash games or world of warcraft πŸ˜…

What are your opinions people? I am just an average moron in WoT, so i am not sure if i do not speak bullshit right now.

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