[SPECULATION] Next tech tree is very likely going to be announced within few weeks. For last 4 years, the January/February tech tree has almost always been announced on latter half of September.

As you’ve probably noticed by now, WG have had a fairly consistent pattern of releasing two tech trees per year – one on January/February (with the tier 8 prem debuting in Holiday ops), and one on August/September (with the tier 8 prem usually being part of a marathon or just sold directly for money).

For last 4 years, WG has consistently announced the January/February tech tree on latter half of September, within a few week time period. Just look at when the January/February tech trees have been announced for last 4 years:

– Wheeled vehicles – 11. September 2018

– Double-barrel Soviet heavies – 16. September 2019

– Italian heavies – 1. October 2020

– American Yoh heavies – 15. September 2021

Unless WG is breaking a pretty obvious pattern that has been a thing for last +4 years, a new tech tree is very likely going to be announced within a few weeks.

Recently, I made an in-depth topic about unreleased tech trees and tanks, but I also mentioned various tech trees that have been rumored fairly recently. However, unfortunately, WG has been fairly quiet when it comes to this stuff for last few years. Leaks and rumors are thus more sparse, and no sort of QnA or roadmap means that WG’s future plans for WoT is mostly a mystery. We know that the Waffenträger mode is coming back later this month, Holiday ops is basically inevitable and there will be two new maps in 2023, but other than that, we don’t know much.

Because of stuff above, it’s very hard to predict what the next tech tree is going to be. Both Yoh tanks and Italian TDs came out of almost nowhere, with really no rumors existed of either of those tech trees beforehand. It’s partly what makes it more exciting, though – with no news, leaks or even solid rumors, the new tech trees are more likely to be a surprise.

Before you mention it, though, no, WG is not going to run out of new tech trees at least for a decade. Especially with fictional tech trees added on the mix (most of the latest tech trees are mostly, if not entirely, made up by WG), the possibilities are almost endless. Soviet tech tree alone could still be doubled in size, maybe tripled if you throw fictional shit onto the mix. British and US tech trees could also have several more lines, and even Japan could have like 4-5 more lines added (6 if you include arties, which they won’t do) with some creativity.

So, what are your predictions on the next tech tree? Post your guesses and discuss here!

Personally, my most wanted tech trees are the Japanese TDs (or anything Japanese, tbh) and French super-heavies. However, the former has been stuck in limbo for past 5-6 years, and the latter is generally pretty unlikely, so I feel like those are pipe dreams. Like I said, WG is very unpredictable and has been very quiet about future tech trees, so predicting the next one is very hard. I feel like the Czech TDs have a pretty good chance with the tier 8 premium being quite popular.

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